Medicaid planning is the practice of preserving assets and ensuring qualification for as much assistance as possible. Many people believe that only “low income” individuals can qualify for Medicaid so they spend all of their savings on long-term care before applying. Others believe that the best way to qualify is to “spend down” by giving away large sums of money and/or property to their loved ones. Planning does not need to involve “spending down” or “hiding assets”.

An experienced Medicaid planning attorney can:

  • Advise you on the best ways to preserve your assets during the qualification process
  • Ensure that all transfers of assets follow all guidelines and laws in Nebraska and Iowa
  • Prepare and submit your Medicaid application and communicate with them on your behalf throughout the entire application and approval process

Elder Law of Omaha can advise you on the best way to spend down assets to legally preserve eligibility for benefits for you or your loved one. Our attorneys and public benefits planners have years of experience and have established relationships with all agencies that are involved in the Medicaid process.